What is the difference between Microsoft teams live event and webinar?

What is the difference between a meeting and a live event in Microsoft teams?

Teams delivers chat-based collaboration, calling, meetings, and live events, so you can expand the audience of your meetings. Teams live events is an extension of Teams meetings, enabling users to broadcast video and meeting content to a large online audience.

Can attendees chat in Teams live event?

Can attendees see the Meeting chat? No. The chat is intended for producers and presenters to communicate and coordinate the Live Event, and is not visible to Live Event attendees.

Can you change a Teams meeting to a live event?

Currently, we cannot convert a Teams meeting to Live event. We recommend you cancel the original Teams meeting and create a new Live Event.

What is a Microsoft teams webinar?

A Microsoft Teams webinar is a new way to run an MS Teams event. Now, when you go into the “Events” section of MS Teams to create a new event, you can decide to stream it. When you stream it, “Teams Webinar” will come up as an option. This is a streaming service that’s intended for a large number of viewers.Oct 6, 2021

Does Microsoft teams have a webinar feature?

Microsoft Teams webinars provide the tools to schedule your webinar, register attendees, run an interactive presentation, and analyze attendee data for effective follow-up.

What is the difference between Teams meeting webinar and live event?

Meetings, webinars, and live events are all types of meetings, but webinars and live events provide additional control for the organizer over the conversation and participants. Webinars provide two-way interaction while live events provide a managed Q&A experience.

Who can see chat in Teams meeting?

  • Up to 1,000 people who receive an invitation to a meeting can access the meeting chat before, during, and after the meeting.
  • If someone has been manually removed from the meeting chat or chooses to leave the chat, they will not have access to the chat going forward.

What can attendees do in Teams live event?

As an attendee of a live event in Teams, you can watch live events and participate in the moderated Q&A. You can’t share audio or video.

What differentiates a live event and a meeting?

Teams live events is an extension of Teams meetings, enabling users to broadcast video and meeting content to a large online audience. Live events are meant for one-to-many communications where the host of the event is leading the interactions and audience participation is primarily to view the content shared by host.

Can attendees speak in Teams live event?

. Teams will call them into the meeting. If you ask someone to join, they’ll join as a presenter, meaning they can speak, share their screen, participate in the event group’s meeting chat, and moderate the Q&A.

How do I enable webinar in Microsoft Teams?

You can use the Teams admin center to set up webinars for your organization. You’ll find the policies to set up webinars in the Teams admin center under Meetings > Meeting policies.

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