What is Genesys suite?

What is Genesys suite?

Unified Engagement Suite Genesys: connecting with customers couldn’t be easier. Incorporate an open, stable and proven customer experience platform to deliver personalized, hassle-free interactions. With a focus on innovation and your worldwide success, you can future proof your business as it evolves.

What do Genesys do?

Genesys, or Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., is an American software company that sells customer experience (CX) and call center technology to mid-sized and large businesses. It sells both cloud-based and hybrid cloud software.

What is the Genesys phone system?

Genesys Cloud CX creates fluid conversations across digital and voice channels in an easy, all-in-one interface. Designed to provide exceptional experiences for your customers and employees, it deploys quickly, is intuitive to use, and continuously innovates with upgrades each week.

How do I search in Genesys?

To search the interaction database, type some text that you want to search for in the Quick Search field. Click the magnifying glass to search for the criteria that you have entered. Quick Search field. Click the X to clear the Quick Search field.

What is Genesys software used for?

With Genesys customer service software, you can meet or exceed daily KPIs, promote your products and services, increase productivity, streamline processes and arm your team with tools and training. Seamless integration with your CRM system and other applications ensures a reliable, consistent customer experience.

How many customers does Genesys have?

Feb, 2015 Y, 2017
Customers 4.5 k
New Customers 500
Countries 80
Interactions per Year

What is the purpose of Genesys?

Our powerful platform unifies all communication channels, interactions, and work items so you can design, monitor, and tune the entire customer journey and deliver a consistent, omnichannel customer experience improving top-line and bottom-line growth.

What is Genesys desktop?

Genesys Desktop is a thin-client, web-based desktop application that unifies Genesys Agent and Genesys Supervisor activities within a single user-interface. Genesys Agent Desktop streamlines the handling of customer interactions by agents in the contact center by the management of both PSTN and Internet interactions.

What is Genesys workspace?

Genesys Workspace is a smart-client application that provides agents and knowledge workers with non-intrusive access to the information, processes, and applications they need to perform their jobs more efficiently and to ensure increased customer satisfaction.

What is Genesys IWS?

Genesys Interaction Workspace transforms how agents manage customer conversations seamlessly across multiple channels. With this innovative desktop application, agents deliver superior customer experience that is competent, personalized, and proactive.

What is Workspace Desktop?

Workspaces refer to the grouping of windows on your desktop. You can create multiple workspaces, which act like virtual desktops. Workspaces are meant to reduce clutter and make the desktop easier to navigate. This workspace now contains the window you have dropped, and a new empty workspace will appear next to it.

What is a contact search?

Contact Search allows you to search for people you want to have meaningful conversations with by using the different filters on the left side of the tool to narrow down your results to those that matter the most to you.

Is Genesys a call center?

Genesys Cloud contact center includes telephony services for call functionality, Architect for designing auto-attendant applications, and all of Collaborate’s workplace collaboration features.

What is Genesys email?

Genesys Email supports business operations with centralized routing and reporting, a common customer record, and the ability to maintain conversations across channels. Customers receive a seamless experience, and businesses increase operational efficiency and sales.

What is Genesys revenue?

1.4 billion USD2018

How big is Genesys?

Genesys headquarters in Daly City, California
Revenue $1.4 billion (2018)
Owner Hellman & Friedman Permira Technology Crossover Ventures
Number of employees 5,935
Website www.genesys.com

What is Genesys choice?

With Genesys Choice, you can buy and flexibly use any Genesys technology. Access all Genesys capabilities, artificial intelligence (AI) innovations and even future functionalities. Turn services on or off as needed, scale up or down, and burst at a moment’s notice.

What is Genesys WDE?

Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition (Workspace) is a modular, customizable application that enables you to handle contact center interactions, monitor contact center and personal KPIs, and consult with your colleagues.Sep 6, 2021

How do you use Genesys Softphone?

Genesys Softphone in Standalone Mode. If your system does not use Connector Mode, you can start the Genesys Softphone by double-clicking the Genesys Softphone shortcut on your desktop or by selecting it in your Start Menu. ) icon from the Icon Tray and select Open.

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