What happened to Soo Hyun in Devil judge?

What happened to Soo Hyun in Devil judge?

As Jung-Ho continues, he confirms he was well aware the Foundation killed Soo-Hyun but play-acted while sitting in hospital, claiming it was Yo-Han to coerce Ga-On into thinking his way. Meanwhile, the Foundation continue to pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

What is the ending of Devil judge?

Ga-on frees Justice Min and tells him to go live the rest of his life in hell. “Your name will go down in history just like you wanted.” Through his tears, Justice Min takes one final look at Ga-on before trudging out. In the trial, 99% of the public vote guilty, so Yo-han announces the punishment.

Will there be a season 2 of Devil judge?

Unfortunately, tvN has not yet renewed The Devil Judge for another installment. So, it is not safe to say that The Devil Judge Season 2 is really happening despite its huge possibility. It cannot be denied that the popular K-drama generated a significant viewership rating that peaked at 6.43% throughout Episode 12.Sep 8, 2021

Is Devil judge have happy ending?

The Devil Judge had a grand finale where Ji Sung and Jin Young truly shined. The Kdrama became memorable for fans as Ji Sung as Kang Yo Han and Jin Young as Ga On nailed their roles. The Devil Judge finale could never have been better and delivered a perfect ending for fans.

Who is villain in The Devil Judge?

Jung Sun Ah

Will The Devil Judge be on Netflix?

“The Devil Judge” will be released by Netflix on the platform on the 23rd of December. In addition to Park Jinyoung, the Mystery-Thriller stars Ji-sung and Kim Min-joung. The program was created by Choi Jung-gyu and Moon Yoo-seok.

What happens in last episode of Devil judge?

Does Soo Hyun die in Devil judge?

As Ga-on and head judge Kang Yo-han (Ji Sung) face off against government-backed thugs in the streets, Soo-hyun rushes up and winds up taking a bullet meant for Ga-on. Soo-hyun dies in his arms and is barely mentioned for the rest of the series.

Who killed Su Yeon in The Devil Judge?

However, she ended up getting shot by a mysterious gunman. One key figure that could be responsible for her death is Min Jung Ho (Ahn Nae Sang), who was unhappy with Kang Yo Han giving Juk Chang a death sentence.

What episode did Soo Hyun die in Devil judge?

In The Devil Judge episode 16, this also sparked doubt in Ga-on. Could Yo-han really have killed Soo-hyun? As a follow up to this, the man who had shot Soo-hyun was also killed and his phone had multiple calls recorded to the name YH and the person on the other side was Yo-han.

How did devil Judge end?

In a surprising moment, Kang Yo Han whispers into a distracted Ga On and tells him to do well. To make sure the Devil Judge has to never come back. Ga On comes back to his senses and chases after Yo Han and sees him from a distance. The way The Devil Judge ended, it kept a possibility of a new season in the future.

Who set the fire in Devil judge?

The truth was that it was Eliyah who had started the fire in the church that day. It was a mistake. One that she was not even aware of having committed. Yo-han ensured that Eliyah would never find the truth in The Devil Judge.

What happened to Jung Sun Ah in Devil judge?

It is genuinely hilarious that he is begging Kang Yo Han to save him after everything. But another best part of The Devil Judge episode 16 follows where Jung Sun Ah walks from her place with a gun in hand and shoots the president.

Who is the villain in Devil judge?

Yo Han was successful in taking care of the high society trash, planned his death and became the villain. According to his plan, Ga On became the “Light” (hero) that the people deserved. After the commotion, people might forget about the Devil Judge Kim Yo Han and he just disappeared like he never existed.

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