Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

Should curtains be lighter or darker than walls?

The best color for curtains is at least one shade lighter or darker than the walls with similar undertones. For example, dark-colored curtains in deep, rich shades look stunning against light-colored walls painted warm-white, cream, light-gray or light taupe.

What color should my curtains be?

Curtains should complement the furnishings in the room For a pleasing look, choose drapes in a colour that complement the shade of your walls. Alternatively, if you want the curtain colours to be the focus, pick a hue that contrasts with the furniture and walls.

Do red curtains go with blue walls?

The warm rust red contrasts beautifully with the cool blue of the walls creating a wonderfully pleasing scheme. What is this? The geometric pattern on the curtains makes these curtains a great choice for modern interiors, whether it’s the living room or a master bedroom, these are a great choice.

What should the curtains match with?

Hardware. Curtain rods should “match” the fabric. Heavier drapes such as velvets work well on large and somewhat decorative rods while light silks and sheers can sit on light-weight, thinner bars. That said, hardware should also compliment the rest of the room, and it’s helpful to repeat a material or tie in a theme.Apr 5, 2021

What goes well with blue walls?

Blue pairs well with nearly all neutral shades, including white, brown, gray, and black. When selecting the right color to pair with blue walls, try varying the temperatures in your palette.

What Colour goes well with blue wall?

Steel-Blue Walls Blue pairs well with nearly all neutral shades, including white, brown, gray, and black. When selecting the right color to pair with blue walls, try varying the temperatures in your palette.

Should curtains match the wall color?

Curtains should match the style, texture, size, and color tone of your living room walls and couch. They need to look balanced and intentional to produce the desired effect. Curtains that don’t match will create a style conflict that affects the beauty of the room.

What compliments light blue walls?

Light blue walls go well with complementing neutral colors such as bright white, off-white, gray, beige, cream, and others. For a stark contrast, light blue makes a soothing backdrop for yellow, gold, black, orange, and brown.

Should bedroom curtains be dark?

Dark colours work very well when you have a spacious home. Drapery in rich dark shades make large and high-ceilinged rooms visually shrink and appear cozy. If the furnishing is scarce and there is a lot of empty spaces, dark coloured drapes can make the room look fuller.

How do you make a blue room look warm?

Use Warm accent colors to warm up a Blue bedroom. The warm brown wood of the bed as well as the Orange pillows and duvet create a warm and cozy feeling in this blue bedroom. In the bedroom below the jolt of Orange in the quilt keeps the room from feeling too cold.

Should curtains match throughout the house?

If you’re asking whether all of your indoor window coverings should match, the short answer is no; they don’t have to. But there are some factors to keep in mind to ensure you maintain a cohesive look in your room and throughout your house.

Can you have two different color curtains in the same room?

Different Colors on Windows in the Same Room Most people choose one style of panels and curtains for an entire room, but using different-colored panels throughout is a great way to add visual interest. Ensure the colors complement each other and that the fabric is the same for every panel.

Should bedroom curtains be light or dark?

Light coloured curtains are good for rooms that get a lot of direct sunlight as they’re less prone to fading from the sun. Dark and bright colours tend to fade faster. Good summer options as a white/lighter colour is more likely to bounce the sun’s rays away keeping rooms cooler.

What color best goes with blue?

  • Light blue looks great with yellow and shades of pink.
  • Royal blue looks great with bold colours such as red, white, pale pink and yellow.
  • Baby blue looks great with complementary colours such as white, grey, peach, pink, and dark blue.

What color best compliments navy blue?


Can you mismatch curtains?

A surprising trend we’re seeing in the decor world is mismatched curtains. Don’t let the word “mismatched” scare you off! A tasteful look can be achieved with strategically contrasting patterns.

Do bedroom curtains have to match?

The safest way to make sure that your room looks unified and put-together is to match your curtains. Most design experts would argue that it’s best to keep your curtains’ look uniform unless there is a significant reason why. If you want to mix curtains, it’s best to mix two patterns or colors evenly.Dec 5, 2020

Is it OK to have different curtains in the same room?

Consistency is key in good interior design, and mixing and matching different styles of drapery in one room shouldn’t be done without good reason. “Generally, if all the windows are the same size,” Jacobson advises, “I would recommend the same style window treatment throughout.”May 3, 2019

Do curtains in adjoining rooms need to match?

Your curtains or other window treatments in adjoining rooms don’t have to be exactly the same, but similar styles or colors will work well. In some situations, you may want to mismatch on purpose. For example, you may want to bring attention to a specific window or even a set of windows.

Which curtain color is best for living room?

Keep it Cozy A warm beige or taupe curtain is a great way to add warmth to your living space. Keep the rest of your furniture light and airy and let the curtains add a moody element to your room.Feb 2, 2021

How do you heat a blue and white bedroom?

Blue and white is a classic color scheme, but it can feel a bit too crisp for some. To warm up a bright bedroom without painting all the surfaces something other than classic white, cover one wall with wallpaper in a fun print, and another in a warm, neutral color.

Should I have the same curtains in every room?

If you want to have a uniform theme for the décor that reverberates throughout the house, it is always advisable to get matching curtains for your rooms. Even if the curtains resemble each other in some way or don’t look totally out of sync with each other, it is good enough.

How do you mix and match curtains?

Should curtains be the same Colour as the walls?

For a classic look with solid-colored curtains, choose curtain fabric in the same color family as your wall color, but opt for a darker or lighter version. If you prefer a subtler color difference, stay within two to three shades of the wall color.

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