Is VIR a good track?

Is VIR a good track?

“The layout of the [VIR] circuit is great. It has a little bit of everything from elevation changes, quick corners, long straights and technical sections that make it very fun to drive. It really offers a great variety.” “One of the Top 6 Road Courses in the U.S.A.”

Who owns VIRginia International Raceway?

2016 List of Virginia’s Most Influential Virginians Includes VIR Owner/CEO Connie Nyholm | Virginia International Raceway.

What is the fastest lap at VIR?

Country United States
Track length 5.26 km / 3.27 miles
Track record 1:56.3 (Mustang Shelby..)
Top speed 258 kph (160 mph) (Mustang Shelby..)

Who built VIR?

Coordinates 36°33′42″N 79°12′17″WCoordinates: 36°33′42″N 79°12′17″W
Opened 1957 (re-opened 2000)
Closed 1974
Architect Hooper D. Johnson
Full Course (1957-1974, 2000-present)

How long is VIR full course?

3.27 miles

Can you drive VIR?

VIR Club. For those looking to drive their sports, classic, or high-performance car at VIR, joining the VIR Club is the answer. While VIR Club provides the most track access for individuals, many groups also rent the track at VIR and provide their participants track access.

How long is the track at VIR?


How old is Virginia International Raceway?

VIR opened in 1957 as one of the country’s first permanent road racing circuits. Recognizing greatness, the 3.27-mile track has remained exactly the same since, with the only change being widening some places to offer safer run-off room.

How long is the track at PIR?

Q: What is the length of the PIR road course? A: 1.967 miles with 12 turns when using the Festival Curves chicane, or 1.915 miles with 9 turns without the chicane. Q: Is there a motocross track? A: Yes, the motocross track offers racing every Thursday night from April through September.

How old do you have to be to race at VIR?

Children It is recommended that Children under 18 years of age are supervised by a Parent, Guardian or Responsible Adult. The Parent, Guardian or Responsible Adult must be present at the location that Children under 18 years of age are participating in a VIR activity.5 days ago

When did VIR open?


How much does it cost to race at VIR?

Advanced tickets for the TUDOR United SportsCar Championship race at VIR are $40 for Friday-only, $50 for Saturday-only, $70 for Sunday-only, $80 for a two-day Saturday and Sunday ticket, and $90 for a three-day ticket. All tickets will be an additional $10 when purchased at the gate.

How much is Virginia International Raceway?

DANVILLE, VA Purchase tickets by 5:00 pm April 7, 2022 and receive $10 off regular admission price! The regular admission price is $35 and tickets will remain available for purchase online (Print-at-Home and Mobile only) and at the front gate throughout the event weekend.

How long is Atlanta Motor Speedway?


Can you camp at VIR?

Camping at VIR is permitted during all spectator events. If the group renting a VIR track has made advance arrangements to offer camping, then camping may be offered on other event dates. When camping is available, campers are charged $35 per event for tents and $50 per event for RVs.

How long is the Nascar track at Phoenix?

Opened 1964
Distance (Track Length) 1 Mile
Shape Oval
Banking (Variable) 8°-9° in Turns 1-2 0°-11° in Frontstretch Dogleg 10°-11° in Turns 3-4 9° on the Frontstretch 3° on the Backstretch
Frontstretch Length 1,551 Feet

How long is the backstretch at Atlanta Motor Speedway?

Straightaway banking will remain five degrees. In addition to the new high banks, the racing surface will become narrower with an overall decrease in width from 55 feet to 40 feet. New widths will be 52 feet on the front stretch, 42 feet on the back stretch and 40 feet in the turns.Jul 6, 2021

Does VIR have open track days?

VIR hosts open test days for drivers and teams prior to the major club and professional race weekends, as shown on the chart below. Registration: To register for the test day, please visit Track Rabbit and search events at VIRginia International Raceway.

Who owns the VIR?

Connie Nyholm

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