How old is Jeffress?

How old is Jeffress?

66 years

What channel is Robert Jeffress on today?

Dr. Robert Jeffress – Watch TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network.

What TV channel is First Baptist Dallas on?

First Baptist Dallas CBS Dallas / Fort Worth.

Who is Pastor Jeffress wife?

Amy Lyon Renard Jeffress

How many members does First Baptist Dallas have?

First Baptist Dallas, which turns 150 years old Sunday, spreads over five blocks of downtown and boasts a membership of more than 13,000.

What’s the largest church in Dallas?

Gateway Church
Denomination Non-denominational charismatic
Founded 23 April 2000 (Easter)

Who owns pathway to victory?

Dr. Robert Jeffress

What’s the biggest church in Texas?

Lakewood Church
Worship in 2013
Wikimedia | © OpenStreetMap
Location Houston, Texas
Country United States

What TV channel is pathway to victory on?

The daily television program, Pathway to Victory, can be seen Monday through Friday on Daystar, the Hillsong Channel, and Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN). Pathway to Victory is also seen Sundays on TBN, and is the second-highest rated ministry program on TBN’s Sunday schedule.

What denomination is pastor Jeffress?

Robert Jeffress

What is the net worth of Dr Robert Jeffress?

Full Name Robert James Jeffress, Jr.
Net Worth $2 Million
Date Of Birth 1955-11-29
Occupation Pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas
Profession Pastor of the First Baptist Church (Dallas, Texas)

How old is Reverend Jack Graham?

Dr. Jack Graham
Born Conway, Arkansas, U.S.

Who is the pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas Texas?

pastor Robert Jeffress

What is the largest Baptist church in Texas?

First Baptist Church
Heritage designation Recorded Texas Historic Landmark #6689
Designated 1968

How long has Jeffress been pastor?

On , he was elected pastor of First Baptist Dallas, now a megachurch of 14,000 members, succeeding Mac Brunson. Previously, Jeffress had been the senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Wichita Falls since 1992.

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