How much does Chelsea FC cost?

How much does Chelsea FC cost?

In 2019, Chelsea FC had a brand value of 1.09 billion U.S. dollars.

How hard is it to get Chelsea tickets?

Getting tickets is easier than most big clubs in the English Premier League and most people will be able to follow the buying process without difficulty. Ticket demand for Chelsea games is however very high and therefore do not expect to simply get tickets for the big games.Feb 2, 2022

How long is the waiting list for a Chelsea season ticket?

Chelsea don’t operate a waiting list. There is a ‘loyalty points’ system where Club Members earn points for buying tickets for home and away matches in the PL, domestic cup and European competitions. More points are awarded for the less high profile games.

How much is a ticket to a Premier League game?

Characteristic Ticket price in GBP
West Ham 95
Chelsea 87
Tottenham 81

Who bought Chelsea FC for 1?


How much did Roman Abramovich pay for Chelsea FC?

Abramovich purchased Chelsea in July 2003 for a reported fee of GBP 140m. While the club were by no means small at the time, they weren’t typically in the running for the most significant honours.

How fast do Chelsea tickets sell out?

Whilst most matches often sell out 8 weeks in advance, there are some games, mainly midweek matches which are often available to fans. If you want to purchase tickets directly from the club, the first requirement is that you must have a Chelsea Membership.Feb 2, 2022

How much is a football ticket in UK?

The average price of a season ticket in the top four divisions is £344.76 for the cheapest categories and £603.78 for the most expensive categories. A standard adult replica top costs £48.93 and a junior one £38.27. TV subscriptions cost between £47.99 and £71.97 a month.

What time in the morning do Chelsea tickets go on sale?

Online sales begin at 7:00am UK time, and should be purchased as soon as it opens. General sale tickets have a time limit of 3 minutes to purchase, so move fast and have your credit card information and other required info on hand.

Who sold Chelsea to Ken Bates?

businessman Roman Abramovich

How much does it cost to buy Chelsea FC?

The final agreement had Abramovich buying the Chelsea business for £140-million, covering a club value of £60-million and £80-million of debt. It was the first purchase of an English Premier League club by a major foreign investor.May 1, 2020

Can you buy Chelsea tickets on Stubhub?

Chelsea FC Tickets on Stubhub Stubhub is a premier online ticketing website and by far the best place to buy Chelsea FC tickets. Stubhub is a platform for reselling tickets, providing a safe way to secure the tickets from a reseller.

Can I give my season ticket to a friend Chelsea?

You can purchase tickets together in one transaction using a service called friends and family. In order to add someone to your friends and family list, you will first need to make sure the person you are adding is an active member who has logged in to their account previously.

Can I use someone elses football season ticket?

If I choose to purchase my Season Ticket but don’t want to attend yet, could I nominate someone else to go in my place? You will then be able to transfer your ticket to one of your selected 20 friends and family supporters as many times as you want during the 21/22 season.

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