How much can you lose on OPTIFAST in a week?

How much can you lose on OPTIFAST in a week?

People following the OPTIFAST Program usually eat between 800-1120 calories per day. Weight loss averages around 3 pounds a week for women and up to 5 pounds a week for men. The average weight loss of people participating in the OPTIFAST program is over 50 pounds.

How long does OPTIFAST take to work?

The program is designed for individuals with a body mass index over 30, which falls into the obese category. Some clinics allow those with a BMI of at least 27 to enroll. Weight-loss results vary, but the typical person following this program loses over 50 pounds in 18 to 24 weeks, according to the Optifast website.

How much weight can you lose in a week on Optislim?

about 1 kg a week

What can I eat while on Optislim?

We recommend drinking Optislim Coconut and Lemon (48 hours detox) 4 times per day in between meals, for the best results consume fruits, vegetables, unsweetened jelly, and clear soups. It is best to avoid processed foods and grains, ensure that you are drinking a minimum of 1-2 litres of water whilst on the detox.

How many Optifast shakes a day?

How do I take Optifast? Make sure you have 4 Optifast packets each day. Do not drink less than 4 Optifast a day as this can result in muscle loss and poor healing after surgery. Mix 1 packet with at least 300 ml (1ΒΌ cups) of cold water.

What should I expect the first week of Optifast?

Because Optifast is a very low-calorie diet, you may have some concerns about hunger. It is normal to experience hunger the first few days of any reduced-calorie diet. The good news is that hunger sensations typically fade within a few days to two weeks after starting the program, according to Austin Regional Clinic.

What is a realistic weight loss goal for 4 weeks?

1-2 pounds in a week is the recommended weight loss rate by health experts all over the world. So in 4 weeks, you should aim to lose 4-8 pounds.

Can you add fruit to Optislim shakes?

Stay away from fruit snacks on the optislim plan because of the sugar content. If you do want fruit, go for a small apple or some melon over a banana.

Can I have 3 OptiSlim shakes a day?

If consumed three times per day, OptiSlim VLCD Meal Replacement Shakes can apparently provide the fully daily recommended nutritional levels of 25 vitamins and minerals.

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