How many seasons of Tidelands is there?

How many seasons of Tidelands is there?


Will there be a 2nd season of Tidelands?

Is Tidelands still on the air or has it been cancelled? It’s very definitely never coming back now, several years after the first season aired. Normally, it takes many months for a network to decide whether or not to renew a show, and Tidelands has yet to be renewed.

Where can I watch Tidelands Season 2?

Here’s How You Can Watch Tidelands Season 2 on Netflix Today It’s the place where humans coexist with the sirens of the sea.

How many episodes of Tidelands are there?


Is there a season 2 of Tidelands on Netflix?

Tidelands Season 2: Likely Canceled by Netflix; Won’t Return for Second Season. Netflix’s big Australian supernatural has still yet to receive a season 2 renewal now years after its initial release on Netflix.Nov 3, 2021

Does Tidelands have an ending?

Put simply, the ending of Tidelands saw the half-human, half-siren Cal McTeer (played by Charlotte Best) become the new queen of the Tidelanders, a race of human siren hybrids, after a bloody battle. When she returns, the queen of the Tidelanders is the tyrannical Adrielle (Elsa Pataky).

Is Tidelands on Netflix about mermaids?

Meet Your Next Netflix Obsession: Tidelands, A Sexy, Watery Thriller About Mermaids. Photo: Courtesy of Netflix. The show, which is Netflix’s first Australian original, follows the formerly incarcerated Cal (played by Charlotte Best) who returns home after years away only to unravel her hometown’s biggest mystery.

Is Netflix Tidelands based on a book?

Tidelands: A Novel (1) (The Fairmile Series) Paperback .

Is Cal the Queen in Tidelands?

It’s convenient that there’s an ocean nearby; all the characters can wander towards it to wash their respective sins away. The last person standing in Tidelands finale face-off is Cal McTeer (Charlotte Best), a part-siren part-human who will be the new queen of the Tidelanders.

Why did the sirens come for Cal in Tidelands?

Cal’s friend Bijou (Chloe De Los Santos) nearly dies, but Cal uses her siren powers to save her. The full sirens then arrive on the beach to recognize Cal as the new queen of the Tidelanders.

Where is Tidelands based?

Orphelin Bay

Are the Tidelands mermaids?

The first original Netflix series filmed in Australia, Tidelands, is a speculative story about half-human/half-siren beings who live in the coastal Queensland town of Orphelin Bay. The story follows the return to the bay of Calliope (Cal), after she has spent time in jail for alleged arson.

Who tried to kill Cal in Tidelands?

This helps prompt an awkward family meeting between Audie, Cal and Rosa. A key topic is Durborrow, the man whose house Cal burned down. Also, with surprising subtlety, Cal accuses Rosa of possibly trying to kill her. In a fishy gesture, Rosa offers Cal a check for $250,000.Jan 9, 2019

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