How fast does a spire 4 feed?

How fast does a spire 4 feed?

Electronic Battery Required: Yes. Battery Type: 3 x AA – nCharge Rechargeable compatible. Max Feed Rate: 20+bps. Paintball Caliber: .

How do you take apart a spire 4?

How many paintballs does a spire 4 hold?

Spire IV, you’re rocking around 200 paintball rounds. You can always buy the 280, and then you’ll be at 280 rounds but we’re talking the IV, around 200 paintballs can be inside.

How do you speed feed on Spire 4?

How do I connect my spire 4 to my app?

How do I factory reset my spire 4?

How much does a paintball hopper hold?

While the hopper is set up for 50 cal it can hold almost 400 paintballs, when switched over to 68 cal it can hold up to 50 paintball. The size makes it great for younger players transitioning from 50 cal paintball to 68 cal paintball this hopper has a weight that is very manageable for young and beginning players.

How do I pair my spire 4 to CS2?

1: Update BOTH CS2 boards to the latest 1.50 Firmware using E-Portal 4. 2: Do a Factory Reset of your CS2 via your LCD screen to reconfigure your Bluetooth module. 3: Enable Bluetooth on your CS2. 4: With your CS2 ON, hold down the bottom button on your Spire IV.

How fast can a spire 3 feed?

PERFORMANCE. Based on pure performance, the Spire III is an improvement over the Spire. The Spire III’s improved drive cone, software, and motor did improve the rate of fire. Based on our unscientific testing, the Spire III was able to feed around 19 BPS, while the Spire fed around 15 BPS.

How do you use the spire 3?

How many paintballs does a spire 3 hold?

Virtue Spire IR² Bunkerkings CTRL
Intelligent Proactive Feeding
Soft On Paint
Quick Change Lid & Speedfeed
Loader Capacity 200 200

How do you program a CS2?

How many paintballs does a spire IR hold?

This one truly does hold 200 paintballs, not the standard or right around 180.

How many rounds does a hopper hold?

A mechanism or door often blocks the opening as to keep ammunition from falling out during play. Hoppers often have a high capacity, ranging from fifty to two hundred pieces of ammo.

Is the edge CTS2 a programmer?

Instead of bringing your truck in for costly diagnostic tests, you can run them yourself with the Edge Evolution CTS2. The programmer allows you to read and clear DTCs whenever it detects a potential issue with your vehicle.

How does a paintball gun hopper work?

A gravity-fed paintball hopper is precisely what it sounds like: a basic paintball hopper attached to the feed neck of a paintball gun that feeds paintballs into it by allowing them to drop into the gun’s breech simply by gravity. They work just fine but only feed so fast: ten to twelve paintballs per second at most.

What does the edge CTS2 do?

What Does the Edge Insight CTS2 Do? Unlike traditional gauges, the Insight CTS2 is a monitoring device that can be configured to your liking. You can adjust the layout, pick which specific parameters you want to display, and even set-up alarms to warn you if something is out of whack.

How do I clean my spire IR?

How do I program my spire 260?

How do you put a paintball on a hopper?

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