How fast do October glory maple trees grow?

How fast do October glory maple trees grow?

3 feet per year

Which is better a red sunset or October glory maple tree?

So what’s the difference between them? Well, ‘October Glory’ is more heat-tolerant, while ‘Red Sunset’ is more cold-tolerant. Plus, ‘Red Sunset’ grows a little faster (more than 2 feet a year) and colors up two weeks earlier in fall. Grumpy’s recommendation — if you live in the South, plant ‘October Glory.

Is October Glory Maple a good tree?

October Glory red maples are also popular because they grow vigorously and easily. If you need a tree that will grow fairly quickly and fill out some space with great color in the fall, this is a good choice. October Glory grows to a height of 40 to 50 feet (12 to 15 m.). It grows best in zones 5 through 9.Oct 5, 2020

Is October Glory a good tree?

For an ornamental, fast-growing tree with great fall color, it’s hard to beat the ‘October Glory’ cultivar of red maple. Although it does best in temperate climates, it can grow in the warm South with extra water and will provide spring flowers, spectacular fall color, and quick growth.Oct 5, 2020

How tall do October Glory trees get?

The October Glory maple grows to a height of 40–50′ and a spread of around 35′ at maturity.

Are red sunset maples good trees?

Soil Type Adaptable
Drought Tolerance Good
Mature Height 40-60 Feet
Mature Width 20-30 Feet
Growth Rate fast

Which maple has the best fall color?

  1. Sugar Maples. Now you’re probably thinking about maple syrup and pancakes (yum).
  2. The Autumn Blaze Maple. Pull out your sunglasses before looking at this hot maple.
  3. The Norway Maple.
  4. The American Red Maple.

Are red sunset maples messy?

Kathy, Red Sunset is considered to be one of the best of the Red Maple cultivars. It does produce seed but is not considered a messy tree and does not seed all over the yard. Growing grass under trees is always an issue. The roots of the tree are shallow and will compete with the grass.

Is October Glory and red maple the same?

October Glory MapleAcer rubrum ‘October Glory’ A very fast-growing Red Maple cultivar. This ever-popular maple should be considered as a beautiful shade tree addition to any yard.

Are maples messy?

Maple. These trees are known for their aesthetic beauty, especially in autumn, but they also fall into the category of least messy trees. The foliage turns different shades of gold, crimson, and orange in the fall, while the new leaves that emerge in early spring will eventually offer plenty of shade in summer.

Is October Glory Maple a messy tree?

Beautiful fall color, nothing messy or sticky, grows well even in drought and inspire of my neglect!

How big do red sunset maple trees grow?


How big does an Autumn Flame get?

Autumn Blaze MapleAcer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’ Red Sunset grows moderately fast, 45′-50′ high with a 35′-40′ spread. It adapts to a wide range of climates and soils, but requires acid soil and is salt-sensitive.

Which is better October Glory or autumn blaze maple?

Autumn Blaze grows faster than October Glory Maple and after the same period of time, the first will be larger than the second. Besides, Autumn Blaze Maple has more aggressive roots than October Glory, so it can be considered invasive. Autumn Blaze is an interspecific hybrid.Dec 5, 2021

How far apart should you plant October glory maple trees?

Plant in full sun for best results. Give your tree at least 20 feet of space away from driveways, walkways, or patios. October Glory requires fast-draining soils making it a perfect choice for our sandier soils.Oct 5, 2020

How fast do Pacific sunset maples grow?

Growth Rate Under optimal conditions, sunset maples can grow up to 24 inches per year. A seedling may start out quite small, but will expand quickly in both height and spread, providing cooling shade and bright color to your yard.

Which maples grow the fastest?

Red Maple. If you really want to speed up the process, the fastest growing maple tree is the red maple (Acer ribrum). Prized for its brilliant autumn coloration and ability to adapt to a wide range of habitats, the red maple is also known as the soft maple.

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