How do I run SonarQube?

How do I run SonarQube?

  1. Expand the downloaded file into the directory of your choice.
  2. Add the $install_directory/bin directory to your path.
  3. Verify your installation by opening a new shell and executing the command sonar-scanner -h ( sonar-scanner.bat -h on Windows).

How do I run SonarQube on Windows 10?

  1. Navigate to the earlier download location of SonarQube.
  2. Unzip the file and copy the binaries to the folder C:SonarQube
  3. Open the SonarQube properties file sonar.
  4. In the sonar.
  5. Update the section by adding the connection string of the database.

How do I start SonarQube on Windows?

Install SonarQube and run as a service Open up a command line as an administrator and navigate to the folder C:SonarQubesonarqube-5.4binwindows-x86-64. Invoke InstallNTService. bat. This will install SonarQube as a service.May 5, 2016

How do I start SonarQube on Linux?

Starting the Web Server Execute the following script to start the server: On Linux: bin/linux-x86-64/ start. On macOS: bin/macosx-universal-64/ start.

How do I run SonarQube from local?

  1. Download the SonarQube Community Edition zip file.
  2. As a non- root user, unzip it, let’s say in C:sonarqube or /opt/sonarqube.

How do I start and stop SonarQube in Windows?

Start or Stop the Service Note: > “%SONAR_HOME%binwindows-x86-64StopNTService. bat” does a graceful shutdown where no new analysis report processing can start, but the tasks in progress are allowed to finish. The time a stop will take depends on the processing time of the tasks in progress.

How do I run SonarQube on Windows?

  1. On Linux: bin/linux-x86-64/ start.
  2. On macOS: bin/macosx-universal-64/ start.
  3. On Windows: bin/windows-x86-64/StartSonar. bat.

How do I run SonarCloud locally?

  1. Open the Team Explorer Home tab and click on the SonarQube icon.
  2. Click on Connect to display the connection dialogue.
  3. Select the server and enter your credentials.
  4. Select the Organization (SonarCloud only)
  5. Select the Sonar project to bind to.

How do I run SonarQube analysis?

  1. host. url: IP address of your SonarQube server instance.
  2. projectKey: key name you gave when you created the project.
  3. sources: path to the project to analyze.
  4. login: SonarQube authentication token.

How do I start SonarQube on CentOS 7?

  1. Step 1: Perform a system update.
  2. Step 2: Install Java.
  3. Step 3: Install and configure PostgreSQL.
  4. Step 4: Download and configure SonarQube.
  5. Step 5: Configure Systemd service.
  6. Step 5: Configure reverse proxy.
  7. Step 6: Configure firewall.

How do you analyze a project in SonarQube?

  1. Click the Create new project button.
  2. Give your project a Project key and a Display name and click the Set Up button.
  3. Under Provide a token, select Generate a token.
  4. Select your project’s main language under Run analysis on your project, and follow the instructions to analyze your project.

How do I add a local project to SonarQube?

You will need it later to connect your project to SonarQube. Navigate to the “Administration -> Projects -> Management” section. In the “Projects Management” screen, click “Create Project”. Enter a name for your project and a key.

How do I remove SonarQube from Windows?

b) Make sure nothing else is running while reinstalling SONAR in step ‘e’. Choose Start|Run and type MSCONFIG. Click OK, then click on the Startup tab at the upper right of the window that opens. Uncheck all items listed, click OK, then restart your computer.

Which tool is used to analyze the code coverage in SonarQube?


Which is used to run the SonarQube analysis?

Developers code in their IDEs and use SonarLint to run local analysis. Developers push their code to their favorite SCM. The Continuous Integration Server triggers an automatic build, and the execution of the Sonar Scanner required to run the SonarQube Analysis.

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